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Filling and quick breakfast's.

If your like me in the morning you probably are rushed for time. I mean setting your alarm to wake up early but keep pressing snooze until you have to run out of the door, yep that's me too. The problem with on the go food is either really bad for you or it breaks your bank. If this describes you then I have your back! I have created these recipes to make your life easier because there is nothing worse than being at work or school with your stomach rumbling.

I love oats or porridge in the morning when I have a lot of time as they fill you up for a long time and they are super tasty. Hence why I am called the oat queen after all!

Peanut Butter And Jelly Style Porridge!
That's right you heard it, peanut butter and jelly for breakfast what could be better right? Ive taken an American classic and made it into a nutritious breakfast.
40g of oats250ml-300ml of your choice of milk2tbs of powdered peanut butter or 1tbs or creamy peanut butter1tbs of jam. In a bowl weigh …

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